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The marketplace for iOS games has expanded to a massive scale since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Look around you, everyone has a smartphone. Apple reported in a press release in 2013 that the total number of App downloads since the launch of the App store had reached 40 Billion, out of which, 20 Billion were in the last year alone. The potential for reaching customers through Apple products is huge, with a wide range of demographics and trust of the users. iOS game development can help you tap into this potential and turn it into revenue.

With the constant evolution of iOS, the iPhone and iPad game development marketplace is a highly competitive playground. Our team of skilled iPhone and iPad game developers are equipped with knowledge of the latest developments in Apple’s technology and years of experience in the industry.

From technical aspects to game design, we aim for a rich user experience that will make time fly by for end users and leave them craving for more. With the Apple App Store full of free games, in-app purchases are a vital source of revenue that we work to utilize to its full potential.

Our iPhone and iPad game app developers work hard to create a glitch-free gaming on the latest iOS with amazing graphics and integration of the latest technology. We are committed to creating a great user experience for our end users to ensure maximum engagement and customer satisfaction.

Armed with superior understanding of the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), the Objective-C language, X-code, interface builder and much more, our iOS game app developers will give your game app the competitive edge and potential for success.

Our iOS game app developers are capable of understanding what you want and deliver on it. Some of the game types we cover on the iOS platform are:

  • %Puzzle games
  • %Sports games
  • %Educational games
  • %Racing games
  • %Obstacle based games
  • %Simulation games
  • %Adventure games
  • %Arcade games
  • %Card and Dice games
  • %Action games

What kind of tools do we use to develop iOS games?

  • %Programming Languages: Objective-C, C++, Java
  • %Development Tools: iOS SDK, X Code, Cocos2D, Unity 2D, Box 2D, Open GL
  • %Design: GUI Design, App interface design, UI Wireframe design, Splash screen design, game icons
  • %Game Arts: 2D/3D game graphics and backgrounds, 2D/3D game assets, 2D/3D animation, 3D modeling, 3D game characters and environment, concept and character design
  • %Game engines: 2D/3D game engine, Unreal game engine

While these are some of the tools used, this is not an extensive list.

Have some questions? Call us at 1300 939 225 or send us an email at info@appxperts.com.au and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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